Keryn Michhiana

Health Visitor/ Paediatric Nurse



I trained as a paediatric nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in 2013, where I gained a solid grounding in family centred partnerships.  My passion for health promotion and helping parents to build their confidence brought me into my current role as an NMC registered Health Visitor. This enables me to keep my skills and knowledge up to date, as well as ensuring that I provide the best evidence-based information.  I enjoy building trusting partnerships with parents and put an emphasis on creating a comfortable environment where everyone can feel free to express themselves without fear of judgement.

​​I have an energetic 2 year old son, whom I absolutely adore.  My pregnancy and labour was extremely complicated, which took its toll on me both physically and emotionally.  I suffered from extreme hyperemesis gravidarum throughout my entire pregnancy, sciatica and extremely painful SPD, which resulted in me spending a lot of time in hospital.  This was not how I envisaged my pregnancy to be and it was not an enjoyable experience, which impacted upon my mood.  My labour resulted in an emergency caesarean, with both my son and I becoming septic.  I have found my experience to be very traumatising and it has taken a lot of time for me to come to terms with what happened.

I was fortunate enough to have a great support network of family and friends around me, however, it became clear that there was not enough support available for women and their partners within the perinatal period.  The experiences I had throughout my perinatal period inspired me to create The Perinatal Partnership, to provide services to parents to help build confidence and knowledge within a supportive and friendly environment.


Helen Jehu

Occupational Therapist / Specialist Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
BSc Hons Behavioural Sciences, PG Dip OT & PG Dip CBT


I am a registered HCPC Occupational Therapist and qualified Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, who has worked in the field of mental health since 2000.  Currently I work in the NHS where I take a lead role in providing services for Perinatal Mental Health.  I work with women presenting with a wide variety of mental health difficulties including: postnatal depression and anxiety; anxiety and depression during pregnancy; Perinatal Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related to birth trauma; tokophobia (fear of childbirth); and also emtophobia (vomit phobia) and injection / needle phobia, all during pregnancy.

I am a mum of 3 children and my own journey to motherhood was in reality vastly different to what I expected. I was surprised to find it much more of a struggle than I had anticipated. Experience of previous recurrent miscarriage led to a very anxious pregnancy with my first child. During this pregnancy I experienced preeclampsia, an induced delivery,  an emergency caesarean, and finally delivery of a low birth weight baby. I had imagined that once my daughter was here my anxieties would disappear and I could enjoy my baby. However, I found  the first few months hard and it took longer than I expected to feel a sense of a good bond. My next 2 pregnancies were also quite eventful and challenging. I recall thinking “this was not what I had signed up for!”.  All of this experience sparked my interest in the area of perinatal mental health.

I am passionate about working with women during the perinatal period both individually and in group therapy. Working together with Tara and Keryn to develop and form The Perinatal Partnership is extremely exciting and provides a fantastic opportunity to reach more women in the perinatal period and therefore to do more of the psychological work in this field that I really love to do.


Tara Michhiana

Specialist Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

BSc Hons Psychology, PG Dip CBT & PG Cert BCT


Professionally, I am a BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, with over 10 years of clinical experience in the National Health Service (NHS).  My speciality lies in the treatment of depression and / or anxiety clinical presentations, such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Health Anxiety, Panic and Phobias.  In addition to this, I have also trained as a Behavioural Couples therapist.

Aside from my work, I am a mother of two precocious but gorgeous boys who definitely keep me on my toes.  My journey into motherhood was a turbulent one due to a traumatic birth and feeling very poorly afterwards.  This greatly impacted my mood and ability to attach and bond with my baby.  I remember waiting for that “love at first sight” feeling that other mothers would talk about and I would feel desperately guilty that I didn’t initially feel that way about my baby.  I couldn’t share these thoughts or feelings with anyone and there was no support available, so I felt very isolated.  This was exacerbated further with other factors such as silent reflux, painful breastfeeding, a baby that wouldn’t sleep and much more.

Time has been a great healer and I can now talk about my experiences more freely.  However, it would have been so helpful if I had been able to access support in a non-judgemental environment when I needed it most.  This is therefore where my passion lies, providing people the ability to access perinatal health care at any point on their journey towards becoming a parent.


Stephanie McCrea

Specialist Midwife
BSc Hons RNMH & BSc Hons Midwifery


And what could be more beautiful, than bringing new life into the world.

A little bit about myself…......I am one of those lucky people who really does love their job.  I am a midwife for Bucks Health Care NHS trust working in the community and homebirth team. My role is diverse in the provision of perinatal care.  This can include monitoring and examining women during their pregnancy, conducting screening tests, developing and evaluating individual programmes of care, providing full antenatal and postnatal care and the delivery of babies.  I love how my role embarks on such a unique and different journey with every woman and their family members that I care for.

This journey can be emotionally charged as I help to prepare for the delivery of new life. This requires personal qualities and skills including an understanding and caring attitude and an ability to get on well with people from a wide range of backgrounds.  I am flexible and responsive to the individual women I care for and their families.  

I am married with two amazing children. I came into midwifery a year after the birth of my second child. I had previously worked as a psychiatric nurse working with adolescents with mental health problems. I took a huge leap into a very different field but brought with it therapeutic skills that I consider invaluable and have never looked back!

My role as a Midwife is so much more than delivering babies. I love promoting health, providing antenatal education and helping families to prepare for their new arrival.  A personal commitment I have made is that no matter how new life comes into the world, my role is to make it a positive one.