Antenatal Classes

Journey To Parenthood

2 hour sessions run over 4 weeks for expecting parents

Our Antenatal classes are provided within a supportive and relaxed environment where our aim is to provide expert support, advice, education and therapy.  Becoming a parent is a wonderful journey to embark upon albeit slightly nerving to step into the unknown.  Our classes will help build your confidence and knowledge as you journey through to parenthood, whilst meeting other local couples to share this wonderful journey with.  The classes are delivered by a practising Midwife and Health Visitor whom are both local mothers with hands on experience both professionally and personally.

Our sessions cover the following information:

​Having a New born

Our first session covers bringing a new baby home, expectations vs realities, relationship changes, how to dress a baby, different positions to hold a baby, how to bath a baby, how to change a nappy, a talk from a specialist woman`s Health Physiotherapist Gemma.

Labour, birth and the early days

Our second session will be facilitated by Midwife Steph and will cover birth plans, useful tips and what is really needed in a hospital bag, guide to birth to include stages of labour, birth choices and when sometimes these choices may evolve into something different than planned.  Why do you need an induction of labour? Why do you need a Caesarean section? pain relief options, what to expect following birth and the early days after with your baby, postnatal recovery including perineal care, things to expect and how to manage them and new born jaundice signs and symptoms.

You and your baby

Our third session covers baby brain development, bonding and attachment in pregnancy and after the baby is born, safe sleeping, tummy time, what to expect in the fourth trimester and postnatal depression signs and symptoms delivered by a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.

Feeding and Relationship Building

Our fourth session covers the anatomy and physiology of breastfeeding, practising breastfeeding positions and techniques, how to establish if baby is getting enough milk, how to identify if baby has a good attachment and latch to the breast, how to hand express, how often a new baby may feed, bonding and relationship during feeding, responsive feeding, how to safely sterilise bottles and make up formula feeds.  This session does discuss all options for feeding and how important feeding is for relationship building between parents and baby.


Health Visitor

Trained to support families with evidence-based information from birth to 5 years.

Personalised home visit. 30 minute appointments.

The arrival of a baby can bring with it so much joy as well as many questions and anxieties.  As a Paediatric Nurse and practising Health Visitor I am experienced in working with parents to help guide and provide support with the many challenges that having a baby may bring.  Common concerns for home visits:

  • Crying

  • Introduction to solid food (weaning)

  • Breast Feeding support

  • Relationship changes

  • Bonding and attachment

  • Behaviour management

  • Minor ailments (cradle cap, nappy rash etc)

If you would like any advice or support but do not require a home visit then please get in contact with us, as telephone advice and support is available. 


Perinatal CBT

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy that focuses on helping you to identify any unhelpful thoughts (cognitions) or behaviours that maintain your difficulty in the here and now.  Not only does CBT help you to make sense of your difficulties, it also gives you skills and techniques to make changes towards improving your wellbeing.  The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends CBT for the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders.  We offer 50 minute sessions for a wide range of difficulties, including: 

Perinatal Anxiety          Perinatal Depression           Perinatal OCD

Emetophobia (vomit phobia)          Injection / Needle phobia          Low Self Esteem

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder        Generalised Anxiety Disorder       Tokophobia                                                                                                               (fear of childbirth)   


Behavioural Couples Therapy

We offer 50 minute sessions where we will introduce BCT theory and teach strategies to enhance your communication to improve both your wellbeing and your relationship together as a couple.


Talking Therapy 

We offer 50 minute individual CBT for children, teenagers and adults.